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Although we tend to paint them with a broad brush, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations lists over 140 types of anchovies. The main commercial anchovy is the European anchovy. Vegan Pasta Puttanesca is a delicious version of the fabled and somewhat notorious Italian pasta dish. In paste form umeboshi is intense salty fruity and complex. You can expect many minerals and vitamins that offer an array of health benefits with anchovy paste. Capers tend to come in cans with vinegar and salt added to them, making them a great candidate for replacing anchovy paste.

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  • It is comparative due to its impactful taste, which will give your dish a scent or fragrance.
  • Again, you can simply add in a small amount on its own, or mix it with soy sauce, lemon juice and hot water to get it even more like Worcestershire sauce.
  • Meanwhile, poach the eggs, then carefully place two on each slice of brioche, and top with 3 anchovy fillets.
  • Though, I will say that I think dressing is a major contributing factor.
  • Because lemon is intensely sour and acidic, substitute for capers by using your taste as a guide.

The Asian fish sauce is readily available, but the taste and flavor kitchen tend to be pungent. So, it’s best to use Asian fish sauce in a small amount because the higher amount will lead to an undesirable aroma. It can replace the sardines but not on pizzas. That being said, it can be used in stock, soups, braises, and stews. Worcestershire sauce is one of the most popular substitutes. This is mainly because it has anchovies along with other ingredients.

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It doesn’t matter if the pasta is dripping with water, as that starchy liquid will help thicken your sauce. When preparing salted anchovies, rinse the salt off them under cold running water. Then, pull each of the two fillets per fish off the bone, carefully. If you’re planning to use the fillets later, cover them with oil and store in fridge. Most, however, at the end of these months of curing in salt, are refrigerated to stop the maturing process. They are washed in water, the skins are rubbed off, and the head and tails removed.

Pour the pureed mixture into a saucepan and add the remaining ingredients . Bring the whole mixture to a boil, then remove from heat. After a month of aging in the pantry, this homemade Worcestershire sauce is incredibly satisfying. It tastes surprisingly like the original, but with a little bit more warmth of flavor.


3 Spread the onion mixture over the prebaked tart shell. Garnish with the anchovy fillets in neat diagonal lines to create a diamond pattern. Put a niçoise olive at the centre of each gap in the grid. A latticework of whole anchovies and dark olives on caramelised onions and garlic on puff pastry. With its latticework of whole anchovies and dark olives atop a bed of caramelised onions and garlic, this provençal classic – originally from Nice – is oh-so-moreish.

Capers are the next best thing to having anchovies on your pizza. You can use capers as a topping or you can mix them into your pizza sauce, it works either way. Since this is a sauce it can be easily added into just about anything you are making. Whether you’re whipping up a Caesar dressing, making some pizza, or creating some other dish, it can be a versatile substitute that works. The nice thing about sardines is that they give you a lightly flavored alternative. They make a great substitute when it is more about the appearance of the food and being able to have the fillets available for use.

Dark Soy Sauce

This is the most convenient method which produces pretty flavorful soup stock. One drawback is that these dashi packets might be hard to find in Asian grocery stores. Your local Japanese grocery stores should carry one or several brands. Once you decide what ingredient you want to use for your dashi, please click the link to get the recipe. The soaking liquid is rarely used as its own and usually combined with Kombu Dashi or Katsuo Dashi to enhance the flavor.

The sauce has anchovies as part of its ingredients, so there is a lot of flavor similarity. Worcestershire sauce is also very versatile, so you can use it in different dishes pretty easily. So, it’s easy to see why Worcestershire sauce makes such a great substitute for anchovies. Photo Courtesy of Taste of HomeFor those that are vegetarian / vegan or those who really can’t stand the thought of adding anchovy, we’ve come up with several options.

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You can spice it up with tomatoes, peppers, onions, or even potatoes and vegan bacon bits. Sometimes spelled konbu, kombu refers to the edible kelp commonly used to make dashi. Kombu is often used along with bonito flakes in awase dashi but can be used by itself. In fact, it is used alone by many people in Japan who do not eat animal products. Wild Harvest Organic Worcestershire Sauce is generally considered vegan. It does not contain anchovies or other fish ingredients.